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COVID-19 open letter

Dear Customers, Vendors and Partners                                                        March 18, 2020 


As you are well aware California ordered residents to stay home, with only essential businesses permitted to remain open.


Impact Transportations warehouses and trucking company is located in the Port of Oakland which is a major port that annually handles more than 2.5 million cargo containers and transacts more than $100 billion in global trade. The Port of Oakland, its terminals, warehouses and truckers play a critical role in our infrastructure, our everyday essentials and the economy of our region. Like our amazing Port and all still working within, Impact Transportation will continue to function as a vital gateway for global trade and transportation while doing everything possible to protect our employees, truckers, customers and business partners.

Impact Transportation has adopted a resilience plan to staff its operations while minimizing employee exposure to coronavirus. We have created a COVID team and are meeting daily to determine what staffing levels are needed in our operations as well as CDC recommendations to stay safe. Non-essential (those not critical for continued operation) team members have been and are continuing to transfer to offsite home-based offices.  The essential operation folks in our offices are meeting often to discuss and determine how best to keep sanitized in our Port operations and with folks working at home we are in a much better position to practice social distancing. Impact Transportation is a family. We care truly about each other. We realize what we are doing is very important to our partners, the economy, your essentials and not only the family within but also at home. All team members are aware that they don’t have to be here but thus far we have all choose to be here. Our team is committed to you and we will be here as long as were allowed or it deemed too dangerous. More on that later in this letter.

As noted earlier in our letter; Our team is meeting regularly to be able to make informed decisions based on the latest COVID facts. In order to keep our team safe and continue moving commerce, we are doing our absolute best to follow all CDC recommendations specifically regarding hygiene and social distancing. 


With this, we are seeking our customers and visiting trucker’s assistance so we can continue to improve the safety of your drivers and our team members. Going forward, all drivers will be asked to text our office upon check in. They will be asked for the following:


1.     Trucking company name and phone number

2.     Truck/Trailer number

3.     Picture of their ID

4.     Pick up or delivery number

5.     Are they coughing, feverish, or experiencing and sickness?

6.     Does your company have a COVID-19 action plan in place?


We will then text them back with directions and yard location where they should park. Once parked, they must remain in their truck. After they are loaded, they will receive your BL on the same text. We are asking you to help us achieve the goal of social distancing by allowing these texted docs to act as your proof of pick up and or delivery. Please let us know if you have any issue with this. Otherwise, we will continue as planned. We understand all drivers may not understand or may have difficulty with this. We will do our best to continue assisting them but at distance. We do speak several languages and understand that we may have to gather this info over the phone. These will be case by case.

Our visitor’s restrooms will remain open to truckers. In order to keep them safe as possible we are cleaning all surfaces multiple times a day. We will continue to provide them soap, and toilet paper (while supplies last) BUT we strongly encourage all drivers, including our own to bring what they need each day.


IF a team member or driver is tested positive for COVID our team is prepared to find all who came in contact and send them all home for a two-week quarantine, or whatever CDC is recommending at that time. We will then shut down the area that person worked in until a hazmat team comes in to disinfect and clean it. Meanwhile we will assess if were able to remain open and how. If one of your drivers who visits our locations is tested positive, we ask that you notify us immediately. Please understand, this could have a devastating affect on our ability to operate. That said, we will do our absolute best to keep your drivers moving in and out as quickly as possible for as long as possible. We will do our absolute best to continue meeting your goals. BUT, should our abilities start to dwindle all we will have is communication. What we are doing is risky. We are doing it to help you. Should we have to shut down due to taking these risks, while Port is still operating, we cannot be held responsible for the financial burden it will cause.


Thank you for all your understanding and cooperation.




Impact Transportation

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Oakland, CA 94607
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